Ikari 怒り

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Optimized 3.0 Logic

  • Toggles & Radial Puppets are condensed into a single layer using a Direct Blend Tree wherever possible. Helps optimize performance/frametime.

GoGo Loco

  • "Go Beyond" variant is pre-installed. (details)

VRLabs Marker


  • Ability to disappear & re-appear.

Contacts / Interactions

  • Neck Interact: puppy face ➝ face turn red ➝ tongues out ➝ breath smoke activate to simulate heavy breathing.
  • Collar Pull: shy face with blush.
  • Gyatt Smack: red ➝ dark red ➝ bruise handprints & smack audio.
  • Toy Interact: buzzing audio.
  • Head Pat: smiley face + hearts particle.
  • Nose Boop: surprise face + stars particle.

8 Facial Expressions

  • Go to the last slide for preview.

Clean Menu Icons

  • Shown in the first slide or toggle showcase.


  • Bones and colliders everywhere. Everything is grabb-able.



  • Black - Silver / White - Gold

Gem Color

  • Radial Hue Shift

Skin Color

  • Radial Hue Shift

Top Gyatt Size

  • Radial Puppet Slider 0% ➝ 100%

Bottom Gyatt Size

  • Radial Puppet Slider 0% ➝ 100%

Eyes Saturation

  • Radial Hue Shift

Eyes Color

  • Radial Hue Shift

Hair Saturation

  • Radial Hue Shift

Hair Brightness

  • Radial Hue Shift

Hair Color

  • Radial Hue Shift


Hairs Menu

  • Short Hair / Long Hair / Pigtails

Clothes Menu

  • Dress / Small Top / Small Bottom / Arm Warmers / Arm Fishnets / Boots Long + Short / Barefoot

Accessories Menu

  • Tiara / Blindfold / Mouth Cloth / Chains / Collar / Handcuffs / Toy / Shackles

Jewelry Menu

  • Earrings / Rings / Mouth Spike / Snake Bites / Gyatt, Body, Belly, Corset Piercings

Kemono Menu

  • Demon Horns / Demon Wings / Demon Tail

                                        TERMS OF USE

By purchasing, you automatically agree to follow the full version of my Terms of Use.

  • DO NOT redistribute any files.
  • DO NOT reuse any assets.
  • DO NOT upload as public.
  • DO NOT modify with malicious intention.
  • All sales are final. No refunds.


  • Do not reuse any assets on this model (including but not limited to: FBX, textures, files etc). Every asset is hyperlinked below, purchase and use the original versions only.
  • My edited assets & textures are not allowed for reuse, privately and commercially.

Body, Tiara (heavily edited/rerigged)︱Head (heavily edited/rerigged)︱Head, Body Textures (heavily edited)︱Body Tattoo, Blindfold, Mouth Cloth, Arm WarmersShort Hair (edited/rerigged)︱Long Hair (edited/rerigged)︱Pigtails (edited/rerigged)︱Dress, Small Bottom (heavily edited)︱Small TopEarringsCollarArm FishnetsRings (edited)︱Boots, Gyatt + Belly PiercingCorset Piercing (rerigged)︱Toy (rerigged)︱Horns (rerigged)︱Wings (rerigged)︱Tail (edited/rerigged)︱Milk (rerigged)︱Eyes (reiikuma)StarsMarkerGoGoLoco.

Piercings, Chains, Handcuffs, Shackles, Nails, all rigging - made by me (not for reuse)


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No Refund Policy

All sales are final.

You must contact me about any issues within 14 days from the date of purchase.

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Last updated Jul 19, 2023

Release Date: July 20th 2023

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PoiyomiToon 8.1.167
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Ikari 怒り

89 ratings
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